14/06/2018, начало в 18:00
14/06/2018, начало в 18:00
UA, Дніпро́, вулиця Глінки 2
IT-HR Workshop with Danny Shandor

IT Dnipro Community и Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group invite you to a uniq IT HR WORKSHOP WITH DANNY SHANDOR! All that you wanted to know about stress and were afraid to ask…

About speaker:

Danny Shandor is practicing psychotherapist, group leading and coaching for the last 30 years, in Israel and all over Europe with big experience in IT-companies.
He is expert in stress management, crisis intervention as in developing managerial abilities.
In this short workshop he will share with you his own experience and knowledge about manifestation of stress and how to deal with it.

Who will be interested?

HR, crisis managers, team leads
As HR people in IT companies, you need to diagnose, intervene, and most important to do primary prevention which will reduce significantly the appearance of stress related phenomenon.
We will discuss all these fields of your work.
There will be a lot of place for your questions and reflections

Registration is required, the number of seats is limited!
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